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MINING – Mine Service Inc. can provide all aspects of mining support work including: brush clearing (pile and burn or mulching), top soil/haul back removal and placement, mass overburden removal, excavation and transport of materials (lignite, sand or gravel), reclamation grading, detention pond construction, heavy haul road construction and repairs, re-vegetation, drainage improvements and new mine development, fence installation and repair. Mine Service Inc. performs work in both surface coal mines and metal/non-metal surface mines.

LANDFILLS – Mine Service Inc. can provide all aspects of landfill construction including: cell excavation, groundwater collection systems, clay liners, geosynthetic liners, leachate collection systems, protective cover placement, cell closures and caps, dike extensions, fencing installation and repair, etc.

SITEWORK – Mine Service Inc. can provide all aspects of site work including: building pad construction, subgrade stabilization, flexbase installation, storm drains, curb and gutter, asphalt and concrete pavement, sidewalks and building slabs, retention ponds, fence installation and repair.

OIL AND GAS FIELD SERVICES – Mine Service Inc. can provide all aspects of site work including: clearing (pile and burn or mulching) well pad construction, frac pond construction, dust suppressant applications, site fence installation and repair, entrance and access road construction and repair, roustabout crews, pressure washing, abrasive blasting, coating and painting.

MECHANICAL MAINTENANCE – Mine Service Inc. can provide a skilled workforce including welders, millwrights, pipe fitters, ironworkers and labor crews. We can assist with new installations, modifications and repairs to facility equipment. We have extensive experience in installing and maintaining material handling equipment (conveyor systems) and can provide plastic/polyethylene pipe welding for piping up to 18 inches in diameter.

AGGREGATE/QUARRIES – Mine Service Inc. operates two aggregate plants (located in Waco and Cameron Texas) that can supply your needs for sand, gravel and crushed rock. Our Aggregate Trucking division, based out of Waco Texas, can also deliver the materials to your job site as needed.

INDUSTRIAL CONCRETE – Mine Service Inc. has experienced concrete crews that provide all aspects of service from new construction to repairs. We have extensive experience working in both heavy industrial and mining environments doing site preparation, pouring concrete structures/pads, roadways, parking lots, spillways, inlets, drop structures, end treatments, foundations and sidewalks.

COMMERCIAL CONCRETE – Mine Service Inc. has experienced concrete crews that can provide all aspects of site flatwork (foundations, slabs, parking lots, sidewalks, dumpster pads, light pole foundations, loading docks, curb and gutter, retention walls, etc.)

FARM AND RANCH IMPROVEMENTS – Mine Service Inc. can also assist the landowner with site improvements including brush clearing (pile and burn or mulching) contouring, drainage improvements, entrance roadway and driveway construction and repair, building or cleaning out stock tanks.

STREETS/HIGHWAYS – Mine Service Inc. can provide a full range of services including: preparation of right-of-ways, excavation and embankments, storm drains, subgrade stabilization, flexbase installation, curb and gutter construction, asphalt and concrete placement, topsoil placement, driveways and road repairs.


Markets July 22, 2016